Clock N' Cats 2018

May 26, 2018
Madison, Wisconsin, United States

Zor Shrine

575 Zor Shrine Pl, Madison, WI 53719

On the first floor of the venue, just to the right of the front doors. We are not using the downstairs at all!


Joshua Feran

Joshua Feran
WCA Delegate
Slater Metz

There is a 100 person competitor limit for this competition. Please register early to ensure a spot on the competitor list!

The competition is being held on the first floor of the venue just to the right after entering the front doors.
We do NOT have premission to use any part of the downstairs!

CubeDepot is sponsoring the competition!

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There is a competitor limit of 100 competitors.
The base registration fee for this competition is $20 (United States Dollar).

Registrations are manually approved so please be patient and wait at least 24 hours after you have submitted both your registration and your payment.

If you need to cancel your registration after it has been accepted, you will be given a 50% refund on your registration if you request it before May 20th 11:59 pm CST. No refunds will be given after May 20th.

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Luke Garrett won with an average of 8.87 seconds in the 3x3x3 Cube event. Zeke Mackay finished second (10.45) and Andrew Karbusicky finished third (10.56).

3x3x3 Cube

# Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
1 Luke Garrett 7.71 8.87 United States 8.589.467.718.979.07
2 Zeke Mackay 9.07 10.45 United States 9.919.6811.779.0713.05
3 Andrew Karbusicky 10.10 10.56 United States 10.1211.4510.1013.4510.11

7x7x7 Cube

# Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
1 Walker Welch 2:49.89 2:57.14 United States 3:06.832:54.702:49.89
2 John Brechon 2:56.60 3:02.26 United States 3:12.722:57.462:56.60
3 Joshua Feran 3:13.19 3:25.54 United States 3:13.193:44.693:18.74

3x3x3 Blindfolded

# Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
1 Brandon Mikel 1:25.39 DNF United States DNF1:25.39DNF
2 Walker Welch 1:36.13 DNF United States DNF1:36.13DNF
3 Jedrick Remonde 1:46.24 DNF Philippines 1:46.24DNFDNF


# Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
1 Walker Welch 7.26 8.49 United States DNF8.677.268.108.70
2 Andrew Karbusicky 8.23 9.03 United States 8.5513.308.2310.248.31
3 Joshua Feran 7.43 9.06 United States 7.43DNF9.209.598.40


# Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
1 John Brechon 53.05 56.80 United States 54.9253.0554.101:01.381:05.07
2 Joshua Feran 51.27 1:02.00 United States 1:03.8151.27DNF1:08.8853.30
3 Walker Welch 57.87 1:03.29 United States 1:07.611:14.771:02.8159.4657.87


# Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
1 Simon Kellum 1.93 2.87 United States 4.642.982.133.511.93
2 Andrew Karbusicky 3.69 4.53 United States 4.576.364.434.593.69
3 Joshua Feran 3.18 4.66 United States 7.343.185.434.933.63

3x3x3 With Feet

# Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
1 Luke Garrett 41.42 48.77 United States 47.8549.7341.4249.5248.94
2 Nathaniel Gee 41.72 49.82 United States 59.4743.8158.5547.1141.72
3 Walker Welch 51.22 58.87 United States 58.311:08.4251.221:05.5652.73