Cubing At Sea 2020

Feb 14, 2020
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

Carnival Sunrise

1850 Eller Dr, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

The competition will take place on the 9th deck. Exact location will be emailed to competitors.

Stephen Griggs and Zachary Garber
WCA Delegate
Zachary Garber


Download all the competition's details as PDF here.

This competition will take place aboard a cruise ship!
The venue will be moving, the venue will be loud. If this is going to effect you this is not the competition for you!
The location is listed as Fort Lauderdale, Florida due to the ship departing from there. The competition itself will take place on the Caribbean Sea on the 2nd day of the cruise, which is February 14th 2020. The Cruise departs from Fort Lauderdale on February 13th 2020.

We will also be holding 2 unofficial events, mirror blocks and kilominx.

Main event
Registration period

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Registration requirements
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There is a competitor limit of 21 competitors.
The base registration fee for this competition is $1.34 (United States Dollar).
Registration fees won't be refunded under any circumstance.
No on the spot registrations will be accepted.
Spectators can attend for free.

The registration fee for this competition is $1.34. However, in order for your registration to be approved you MUST provide proof of purchase for the cruise which the competition is taking place on. The exact cruise can be found here

You must send an email with proof of purchase or invoice with intent to purchase full ticket before registration is accepted.

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Jesse Hartnett won with an average of 10.65 seconds in the 3x3x3 Cube event. Stephen Griggs finished second (11.68) and Greyson Kerr finished third (11.74).

3x3x3 Cube

# Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
1 Jesse Hartnett 8.40 10.65 United States 11.5610.538.4011.819.87
2 Stephen Griggs 9.93 11.68 United States 11.5614.549.9311.5111.98
3 Greyson Kerr 10.28 11.74 United States 17.0010.6911.1510.2813.38

4x4x4 Cube

# Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
1 Stephen Griggs 34.34 39.95 United States 40.5948.3240.8834.3438.38
2 Greyson Kerr 41.05 49.12 United States 55.9954.2741.0550.6142.49
3 Jesse Hartnett 47.36 57.18 United States 47.3651.651:01.5958.29DNF

5x5x5 Cube

# Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
1 Stephen Griggs 1:08.53 1:16.32 United States 1:21.591:23.181:12.651:14.731:08.53
2 Jesse Hartnett 1:26.48 1:34.35 United States 1:36.001:33.911:33.131:38.721:26.48
3 Zachary Garber 1:33.45 1:41.32 United States 1:40.551:45.321:45.401:38.091:33.45

3x3x3 One-Handed

# Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
1 Noah Paredes 23.34 25.73 United States 41.2224.3527.8023.3425.04
2 Stephen Griggs 23.10 26.48 United States 28.9425.2440.6225.2523.10
3 Greyson Kerr 23.25 28.65 United States 31.5839.4623.2528.4925.87


# Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
1 Noah Paredes 3.09 4.09 United States
2 Greyson Kerr 4.66 6.27 United States 6.745.938.754.666.14
3 Stephen Griggs 5.70 7.39 United States 10.095.8510.876.225.70